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Mentoring Program

The goal of the Mid-Day Mentoring Program is to help each woman develop and reach her own potential through NAMES (Networking, Advocacy, Mentoring, Education and Skill-Building).

The Mid-Day Mentoring Program will:

  • Provide MDWA members with the opportunity to have a mentor and/or to become a mentor.
  • Match each member who wants a mentor with an appropriate mentor.
  • Provide training to both mentors and mentees to help establish confidential and trusting mentoring relationships. § Follow up to ensure matches are productive and effective.
  • Provide a fun and safe environment for continued growth and follow-up discussions.

Mentoring Expectations

Members who are interested in participating in the Mentoring Program are required to attend the Mentee Training and/or Mentor Training, conducted bi-annually, and facilitated by the program Co-Chairs. Mentoring pairs are most successful when basic roles and responsibilities have been defined and are clearly understood. The Co-Chairs will match the mentoring pairs based on the parameters specified by the Mentee, the expertise of the Mentor, and complimenting personal characteristics. Mentors and Mentees will meet face-to-face on a regular basis, typically every other month, monthly or more often, as needed. The Mentor will set up the first meeting with the Mentee. Subsequent meetings will be scheduled by the Mentee. Each will set personal goals for success of the mentoring relationship. The Mentee will solicit the Mentor’s opinions and advice. Each should listen, ask questions, and give feedback. The Mentor will provide guidance as requested, using personal experiences to offer perspective. The Mentee will take responsibility for her own growth and success. It is important for both the Mentor and the Mentee to maintain the confidentiality of the relationship. The formal mentoring relationship will conclude after one year of being matched in the program. Beyond one year, Mentees and Mentors can opt to continue their relationship on an informal basis if desired. Mentees and Mentors can also continue to be in the formal Mentoring Program for another year, being matched to a new Mentee or Mentor.

What’s in Mentoring for You?

Mentees say that having a Mentor increases their knowledge and competence while building self-confidence and providing new perspectives. Mentors tell us that being in a mentoring relationship builds their leadership and coaching skills, and gives them an opportunity to give back to others, while broadening their perspective. “We have many similarities and, I believe, can learn from each other.” Mentor, Mid-Day Women’s Alliance The Mentoring Committee acts to keep the program fresh and to meet the evolving needs of this growing program. As a Mid-Day member, you can also choose to join the Mentoring Committee. The Mentoring Committee meets quarterly and as needed, plans the mentoring social and fall group mentoring event, and assists the Co-Chairs with duties such as preparing mentoring tips, posts to social media sites such as Facebook and the LinkedIn groups, and organizing events.

Areas of Focus

Six key areas of focus have been identified for matching Mentees with their Mentors. Please note these areas tend to be the most common for our members, however mentoring is not limited to these areas:

  1. Career Transitions
  2. Continuing Education
  3. Life Balance
  4. Managing Change and Uncertainty
  5. Self-Marketing
  6. Small Business Ownership Mentoring Calendar of Events: Get Involved! Watch for announcements during membership meetings, in our newsletter, on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and by e-mail.

Throughout the year, the following will be scheduled as part of the Mid-Day Mentoring Program:

  • Registration of new Mentors and Mentees
  • Mentor Training § Mentee Training § Mentoring Tips
  • Networking Events – i.e. the annual Mentoring Social, Fall Learning Event, etc.
  • Follow-up Surveys and Reporting

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